SDCEM has a long history and a vast knowledge of designing and manufacturing switching solutions, offering a wide range of MV, HV & VHV disconnectors and switches.

Working in this industry since 1947, SDCEM has installed more than 68000 disconnectors and switches into 140 countries. They have developed a renowned know-how and strong focus on innovative and excellent products and aim to provide market leading products for the railway electrification, transmission & distribution, and power generation markets.

SDCEM products designed and manufactured for switching solutions with more safety, reliability, flexibility, and longer life-cycle (up to 50 years), and complete with lower operation and maintenance costs.

The range includes indoor and outdoor switches and disconnectors, air breaking switches, pantograph disconnectors, with voltages up to 550kV and 14000A. Optional remote control facilities for safe and quick access to the disconnectors and switches.


  • Normal isolating switches and switches from 3 to 72,5kV and from 200 to 2500A.
  • High current isolating switches from 7,2 to 36kV and from 1250 to 12000A.
  • Rotating isolating switches from 7,2 to 123kV and from 400 to 2500A.
  • Earthing switches with or without capacitive dividers.
  • Manual and electric controls - Signalling enclosures and lamps.
  • Disconnecting switches with max. breaking capacity of 32A max.
  • H.P.C fuses and Fuse-disconnectors.


  • Isolating switches from 7,2 to 225kV - 800 to 6000A.
  • Vertical opening and closing isolating switches.
  • Rotating isolating switches.
  • Fast-breaking isolating switches.
  • Manual and electric controls - Signalling enclosures - HCB fuses.


  • 1500V DC 1000 TO 3500A isolating switches and switches.
  • Changeover switches.
  • 25 kV isolating switches with and without fast-breaking for the TGV.
  • Connecting rod assemblies, manual and electrical controls.
  • Return arms, Insulating assemblies.

We can offer a wide range of SDCEM high and medium voltage disconnectors and switches for T&D substations, and railway applications with Network Rail approved equipment. Please contact us for more information on the range of products available from SDCEM.


Manufacturers website: www.sdcem.com

For expert advice please call: 01608 662295

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