For 60 years Microelettrica Scientifica has been designing, developing and producing, contactors, protection relays and resistors.

Matthew C Blythe and Son have been working closely with Microelettrica for over 25 years, and we have been involved in many of their major projects and achievements in the traction industry. They are dedicated to producing products for the most advanced and demanding applications of railway transportation, urban mobility and industry.

Well known and sought after all over the world, Microelettrica Scientifica's product quality results from continuous research, and working very closely with its customers in order to precisely and efficiently meet the demands of today's and tomorrow's needs.


5 highly customizable product lines for vehicles and industrial applications. Recognised installations all over the UK and the rest of the world. Up to 4000V DC or AC, from 40 to 6000A per pole. Normally open, normally closed, changeover poles in single and multipole configuration.

Contactors Contactors


2 flexible/modular product lines for on-board trains and static industrial applications. Up to 4000V DC or AC, from 800 to 6000A per pole. Normally open, normally closed, changeover poles in single and multipole configurations.

Integrated Functional Units

Innovative product line as well as an indefinite number of Integrated Functional Unit products that can be customized to any specific requirement with contactors, disconnectors, resistors, others, for on-board and stationary applications. Up to 4.000V DC or AC, up to 6.000A per pole.

DC High Speed Circuit Breakers

6 product families for vehicles and industrial applications, up to 4000V.Thermal current rating from 2000 to 10000A, dual voltage arc chutes possible. Optional metal-enclosure/mono- and bidirectional trip setting available.

DC High Speed Circuit Breakers


8 application lines for on-board and industrial applications. Industrial energy applications (Neutral Grounding, Filter, Load Bank, etc) mostly standardized. Vehicles applications (Braking, Control) are custom designed for each vehicle.


Protection relays

5 product platforms for stationary applications, with infinite customization possibilities. Used in traction and industrial applications. Quick application configuration and relay customization service with in-house firm waring. Control software for relay communication.

Protection relays


4 product lines for vehicles applications. High voltage metering and energy measurement of all DC and AC catenary or 3rd rail supply. DC voltage transducers for Rail and DC Substation use.


Axial fans for vehicles (direct drive) and industry (direct drive or belt/gear drive) applications. Axial rotors for industry use. Centrifugal fans for on-board applications. ATEX fans and custom designs for industry use. Silencers and accessories for industry and vehicles applications.
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