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MGC was formed in 1914. The family business started off developing, producing and marketing small transformers. The gradual growth of electro-economics in the twenties and thirties was also accompanied by continuous progress in the construction of power and instrument transformers.

A major break-through was achieved in the late forties when epoxy cast resins were first used as insulation material for medium voltage transformers. The SILESCA® cast resin process for medium and high voltage is still considered state of the art today. The DURESCA® busbar technology which emerged from this in the mid-fifties meant an interesting diversification for the company into the worldwide engineering and plant sector.

At the beginning of the eighties, the first GASCOIL® SF6 insulated high voltage instrument transformers were included in the production program. At the end of the eighties, MGC took a further, major step towards diversification by embarking upon plasma ultra high temperature engineering: the material technology division offers turnkey PLASMARC® systems for the treatment of radioactive waste and also PLASMARC® process technologies for the retrieval of metals. MCC products and technologies traditionally feature high quality, progressive engineering and environmental compatibility.

Duresca busbar Duresca wall bushing Duresca busbar

They now offer a range of fully insulated busbar, and wall bushings. The Busbar can be used to ensure connections between medium and high voltage equipments such as generators, switchgear or transformers.

DURESCA® busbar systems offer a compact and safer solution compared to cable or conventional busduct solutions

The same type of busbar can be used for both indoor/indoor, outdoor/indoor or outdoor/outdoor applications. It contains solid, separate and fully isolated phase bus; no parallel cables.

The earth screen is in copper, embedded in the insulation and designed for an exceptional fault current of 8 kA /1s.

Each installation is custom engineered for a unique fit, and can be installed quicker and easier than cable, with no special tools required. This reduces erections costs.

Resistant to humidity and moister ingress, no risk of corrosion and a reduction in maintenance costs.

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